Several Canadian carriers now offer pre-registration to pre-order iPhone 13 Pro

Pre-registering will sign you up for updates about iPhone 13 pre-orders

iPhone 13

Following yesterday’s massive Apple event, several Canadian carriers have updated their websites with pre-registration forms and iPhone 13 pages.

Unfortunately, the pricing isn’t live yet (keep an eye on MobileSyrup for the latest on that), but you can read about the iPhone 13 and pre-register to pre-order when orders go live on September 17th. We’ve detailed the carriers and flanker brands that have pre-registration forms below and included links to the forms:

Interestingly, Bell did not have a pre-registration page, but on the carrier’s homepage was a picture of the iPhone 13 Pro and text reading “Order on September 17.” Other carriers and flanker brands don’t mention the iPhone 13, although I’m sure that will change as we near the September 17th pre-order date.

Those who pre-register are signing up to get updates from that carrier about iPhone pre-orders when they go live probably later this week.

If you’re not interested in getting an iPhone 13 or 13 Pro from a carrier, or if you’re looking to buy one of Apple’s other fancy new gadgets (like the revamped iPad mini), you can check out our full Canadian pricing breakdown here. It’s also worth noting that Apple changed up its device financing program, dropping the financing term down to just six months instead of 12- or 24-months like before. The result? Much more expensive financing over a shorter period of time — and, depending on pricing, it could make getting the iPhone 13 from a carrier a more affordable option.