Apple was likely working on an ‘iPhone nano’ back in 2010

From nano to mini

iPhone 12 mini

According to a new email that surfaced as part of the ongoing legal battle between Apple and Epic, the Cupertino, California-based tech giant was at one point working on an “iPhone nano.”

the device would be a miniature version of the iPhone 4, but little else is mentioned about the unreleased smartphone in the email from late Apple CEO Steve Jobs that was uncovered by The Verge. The email also includes information regarding Apple’s business plans for 2011 and that the company plans to wage a “Holy War with Google.”

Later in the email, Jobs mentions that Apple wants to release a ‘Plus’ version of the iPhone 4 with improved antennas, likely in response to antenna gate, and a more powerful processor. While the larger Plus iPhone models didn’t appear until the iPhone 6 generation, Apple eventually released the more powerful iPhone 4s in 2011.

The ‘nano’ naming convention directly relates to the 6th-generation iPod nano that first released back in 2005 and was eventually discontinued in mid-2017.

Fast-forward to 2020 and Apple eventually released a smaller version of its flagship iPhone line, the iPhone 12 mini, though it includes the ‘mini’ moniker rather than ‘nano.’ Recent rumours indicate that Apple’s next iPhone could be the last version of the smartphone to get a Mini iteration due to lower than expected sales.

Source: @TechEmails, The Verge