Apple adds new feature to iOS to help track your walking steadiness

The Health app's descriptions will also now be more straightforward

A new health study from Apple is able to tell iPhone users how steady they are while walking.

This feature utilizes sensors in your iPhone to track your gait as you walk with your phone in your pocket. You can then see how steady you are in the Apple Health app and if your walking is unsteady, the app will even show you exercises you can do to become more solid on your feet.

Beyond that, Apple is also making the Health app a bit easier to use by adding better descriptions in an effort to help users cut through the medical jargon that’s often hard to understand for people that don’t work in the healthcare field.

Another update that should make the Health app a little easier to comprehend is the new Trends feature. This new option can take your existing data and arrange it into an easier-to-read graph that shows how much your health has changed over time. While it might not make it easier to understand everything you seem, it should help you gain context regarding if your health is outside your normal range.

In the U.S., Apple is even making it possible for companies that use electronic records to work with the health app. Hopefully, this will come to Canada soon.

A really smart feature for caregivers allows users to share their health app data with each other so you can track changes in your elderly parent’s data, for example. Users have control over how much data they share too so if you’re uncomfortable sharing everything you can place limits on it.