Prime Minister Justin Trudeau uses fake Apple MacBook in photo op

Everyone gets a little insecure about their operating system of choice sometimes

A recent photo of Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau has surfaced that proves that maybe the guy some of us voted for so weed could be legalized, might not be as cool as we thought.

The image shows a jovial Trudeau training several Liberal Party volunteers through a video conference call. While it’s unclear if he’s laughing at something on the screen, I think his chuckles might be related to the ridiculousness of his computer setup, which seems to be an HP laptop with an Apple logo sticker on its rear.

My first assumption is that the Prime Minister is likely using someone else’s computer and that this video call station was set up to show off the volunteers behind him on the big screen. This isn’t a huge leap, and I have seen Windows users slap Apple stickers on their devices before — it’s super corny, but it happens. However, after digging a little deeper, I now think this conspiracy goes all the way to the top.

When you Google Image Search for ‘Justin Trudeau computer,’ most of the time, you’ll see the Prime Minister working on a computer that’s running Windows. However, there are some more staged-looking photos that show him using a Mac.

That said, there aren’t any pictures of Trudeau actually using macOS. Is our Prime Minister a fake macOS user that actually prefers Windows 10? All evidence points to the fact that this might be the case.

Source: @BryanPassifiume