Lenovo’s new Go lineup features a mouse with wireless charging

The new lineup will be available in June with the Go Mouse set to cost about $59.99 ($72.99 CAD)

Lenovo has revealed its latest Go line, which includes chargers, mice and keyboards, as well as audio accessories, all tailored for the new world of hybrid employees who commute to work but also spend a lot of time working from home.

The star of this lineup is the all-new Lenovo Go Wireless Multi-Device Mouse, a travel mouse with a focus on portability and wireless Qi charging, as well as USB-C connectivity.

It can attach to three different devices at once, with a dedicated button on top that allows users to select which one it’s controlling — a laptop, desktop, tablet, or other computers. It’s also cordless, charging through a USB-C port on the front, allowing it to be used as a mouse while it charges, or parked on top of a Qi-compatible charging pad for a few hours while not in use.

Though this technology is not necessarily groundbreaking, it’s good to see companies shift accessories like this to be compatible with Qi charging. Perhaps Apple should take notes and redesign the Magic Mouse so that it doesn’t have to be flipped on its back to charge?

The new lineup will be available in June with the Go Mouse set to cost $59.99 (roughly $72.99 CAD).

To learn more about the new Go lineup, click here.

Image credit: Lenovo

Source: Lenovo