Android joins the Clubhouse with new beta

The drop-in audio chat platform is now available in beta on Android

Android users can finally try out drop-in audio chat app, Clubhouse, after months of waiting for the iOS-exclusive platform to transition to Google’s mobile operating system.

Clubhouse, an app that allows users to hold audio conversations with pretty much anyone, is often home to conversations hosted by influential people. It’s kind of like a more accessible and collaborative live podcast or an audio version of a TED Talk.

Starting today, users can pre-register for the Android version of Clubhouse in the Google Play Store. After registering, the app will automatically download once it’s available in Canada.

That said, once you download Clubhouse, you won’t be able to use the app right away. To keep its growth measured and likely to promote an air of exclusivity, you need to be invited to the service by a friend that’s already using it.

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