Discord will integrate with the PlayStation Network in early 2022

The partnership comes shortly after Microsoft tried to acquire the social platform

Discord app on Android

PlayStation has announced plans to integrate Discord into its online PlayStation Network in early 2022.

In a blog post, the Japanese gaming giant revealed that this is coming as part of an unspecified minority investment into the popular social platform.

PlayStation says PSN and Discord will be integrated on both console and mobile. It’s currently unclear exactly how this integration will look or function.

In its most recent earnings release, PlayStation reported that there are around 109 million PSN users. Given that Discord is used by more than 140 million people every month, it makes sense that PlayStation would want to more closely target that audience to expand its PSN userbase.

It’s interesting that Discord has just struck up this partnership with PlayStation, given that the company was recently in talks with Sony competitor Microsoft to sell itself. Despite being offered a reported $12 billion USD (about $14.7 billion CAD), Discord ultimately opted to remain independent.

Source: PlayStation