Koodo giving some customers 10GB of free monthly bonus data

The carrier is notifying some customers via text and email about the bonus data

Update 05/02/2021 at 12:41pm: Koodo confirmed it was giving out data bonuses to customers in a statement to MobileSyrup.

“From time to time we like to surprise and delight our customers to thank them for being so loyal to Koodo. This past weekend we were happy to gift a select group of customers 10gb of data free of charge,” the carrier said.

Telus flanker brand Koodo appears to be handing out free 10GB data bonuses to select customers.

Some customers — including MobileSyrup staff reporter Bradly Shankar — received text messages from the carrier about the 10GB bonus, noting it automatically added the data to customers’ accounts. Koodo also sent FAQ pages to customers via email detailing the bonus, and says it will call customers to answer any questions they have about it.

“Thank you for being a loyal Koodo customer. To show our appreciation, we added 10GB of bonus monthly data to your account!” the text reads.

“What’s the catch? You have to keep your current rate plan or the bonus data will fall off. What else? Nothing. Thank you for Choosing Happy!”

The FAQ email goes on to note that the 10GB bonus will be on top of your plan’s current data allotment and will renew each month. Further, it reiterates that customers won’t lose the bonus unless they change plans or remove the data from their account. Moreover, Koodo says customers can upgrade their phone as long as they keep their plan.

Screenshots of Koodo’s FAQ email

It’s not clear why Koodo decided to apply 10GB of free bonus data to some customers’ accounts, but it’s not entirely unprecedented. Others — including myself — have received bonus data from them before.

Unfortunately, it’s also unclear what criteria, if any, customers need to meet to get the bonus. For example, Koodo may only send the offer to customers who have been with the carrier for several years, or to customers that have a specific plan. In Shankar’s case, he’s got an $85/15GB plan — if you’re on a similar plan, maybe keep an eye out for bonus data coming in.