Xbox Series X now in stock at Newegg [Now sold out]

Microsoft's Xbox Series S is also in stock at the online retailer

Xbox Series X

Update 16/04/2021 8:02pm ET: Newegg is now sold out of the Xbox Series X. However, the Xbox Series S is still in stock.

If you’ve been trying to buy Microsoft’s Xbox Series X or Xbox Series S, the sought-after console is now available online at Newegg.

The 4K-capable Xbox Series X costs $599. If you’re looking for the smaller, less powerful 2K Series S, it costs $379.

While Microsoft’s Xbox Series X and S don’t sell out as fast as Sony’s PlayStation 5, they still usually disappear in a matter of minutes. This means that if you’re interested in buying one, you need to move quickly.

For more on both consoles, check out our reviews of Xbox Series X and Series S.

This story will be updated when the Series X is out of stock.

Source: Lbabinz