Tesla resolves dispute with ex-employee over autopilot code breach

A monetary payment has been made to Tesla as part of the settlement terms

In 2019, Tesla sued a former employee, Cao Guangzhi, for downloading and sharing data related to the company’s Autopilot feature with rival company, China-based XMotors.

Guangzhi worked with Tesla for two years before joining XMotors in January 2019. Fast forward to now and Tesla and Guangzhi have settled the dispute, according to a report from Reuters.

Guangzhi is said to have made a monetary payment to Tesla as part of the settlement terms, but the amount and other details have not been revealed.

XMmotors was not involved in the case though it commented that the company respects intellectual property and develops its own self-driving automobile technology in-house. Guagnzhi’s legal representative furthered the claim, saying his client never provided Tesla’s coding information to XMotors or any other company.

Tesla has its factory in Shanghai, putting it in direct competition with XMotors and other Chinese brands.

The Reuters report says that Guangzhi has left XMotors. This is not the only lawsuit Tesla has undertaken to try and reign its trade secrets. 

Source: Reuters