Rogers touts $140/40GB two-line promo, but you can get 60GB for $5 more

The $140/40GB promo consists of an $85/35GB plan and a $55/5GB plan

Rogers is highlighting a promotion that gives you 40GB of data when you activate two wireless lines with the company for $70 each. Except, it’s not really a promotion.

Here’s how it works: Rogers says that when customers activate two ‘Infinite’ lines, they’ll pay “an average” of $70 per month per line and get 40GB of unlimited, shareable data. Note that Rogers’ Infinite plans offer a set amount of data at full network speed — in this case, 40GB of data — followed by unlimited use at a throttled speed of up to 512Kbps.

Rogers gets the $70 per month figure by dividing the total monthly cost of two lines in half. The first line, based on Rogers’ website, would be $85 per month and would get 35GB of data. The second line would cost $55 per month and would add an extra 5GB. That brings the total data to 40GB and the monthly cost to $140 (or $70 per line, if you want to look at it that way).

What’s actually happening here is Rogers is promoting its long-running add-a-line discount with different language. Rogers has offered a discount for customers who add extra lines to their account since before it switched to Infinite plans, although the discount amount has fluctuated.

Right now, Rogers’ add-a-line discount is $15 per month per line up to a maximum of nine lines (back in 2020, Rogers offered a $10 discount per added line). The bonus 5GB of data also appears to be new.

What’s strange about the whole thing is Rogers says the added line will cost $55 with the discount. Except, $55 and $15 add up to $70, and Rogers currently doesn’t list a $70 per month plan on its website — the lowest option is $80 per month.

The thing is, new customers could get a combined 60GB of data for just $5 more than Rogers’ ‘deal’ right now. Rogers has had an $80 per month promo plan with 30GB of data for a while now. Although the promo is only available for new customers and hardware activations, it’s also eligible for the $15 add-a-line discount.

Two $80 plans come out to $160 per month, and with the $15 discount, that’s $145 per month for two lines with a shared 60GB of data.

You can check out the details here.