Google Camera 8.2 brings new feature to quickly record videos

The new feature lets users record a video hands-free with a few swipes

Google Camera 8.2 is starting to roll out to Pixel devices and brings a new feature to make it easier to quickly record videos.

Users will be able to record a video hands-free with a few swipes with the latest update. The new feature builds on a previous one that lets you start recording a video by pressing and holding your finger on the shutter button, without having to switch into video mode.

Now, users can swipe to the left to enter ‘hands-free mode,’ which lets you record videos even when you lift your finger, as reported by XDA Developers.

Swiping into the mode will ‘lock’ the recording and you can click ‘stop’ to end the recording. You can also zoom in or zoom out with simple finger gestures.

In previous versions of the app, users had to press and hold the shutter button to continue recording and if you moved your finger, it would stop recording.

Although this isn’t a significant feature, it’s a nice little tweak that will make it easier to record something when you’re busy or occupied. Not having to keep your finger pressed down on the shutter button should also make it easier to focus on what you’re recording.

The feature is rolling out now and should be available to more users in the coming days.

Source: XDA Developers