Google releases three new clock faces for Nest Hub smart displays

Hopefully, this is a sign of more clock faces coming in the future

Nest Hub

Google Nest Hub and Nest Hub Max users now have three new clock faces to choose from.

Two of the new faces are simple pink-themed analog clocks, and the final one is a simple digital clock that also shows the weather.

While this rollout is likely exciting for Nest Hub owners, it’s a bit odd that Google is finally bringing the wallpapers to more smart displays. 9to5Google notes that these wallpapers have been available with the Lenovo Smart Display since 2019.

A collection of all the current clocks on the JBL Link View. The ‘Timeless’ and ‘Weather’ faces are new.

I can also confirm that the JBL Link View has access to these clocks.

To change your clock face, ask your smart display “Hey Google, set photo frame” and select the ‘Fullscreen Clock’ subcategory.

Hopefully, this is a signal Google will slowly release new clock faces more regularly for its smart display OS. I would enjoy more options to match my rooms, and ever since Google dropped the Weather Frog screen, I’ve been craving more.

Source: 9to5Google