Google TV app might work as a TV remote in the future

Canada is being left out in the cold again

Rumours are circulating that the updated Google TV app in the U.S. is getting a function that allows it to act as a remote for Chromecast devices and Android TVs.

This would bring the Google TV app up to par with similar offerings from Roku and Apple.

In the U.S., Google has rebranded the Play Movies and TV app into a new platform called Google TV. This helps the app mesh with the new Google TV interface on the new Chromecast.

The app was revealed back in October 2021, but Google still hasn’t released it outside of the United States. This is surprising since there doesn’t seem to be many reasons for Google to hold the app back from Canadians. That said, it will likely arrive here soon.

The latest piece of leaked code suggests that the existing Android TV remote app is being rolled into the Google TV app, resulting in tighter integration with Android.

Hopefully, we’ll see Google bring the app to Canada sometime soon.

Source: @MisaalRahman