Telus once again tops ranks in Opensignal’s mobile network experience report

The carrier won four categories and tied for the other three

Vancouver-based national carrier Telus has once again topped ranks in Opensignal’s mobile network experience report.

The carrier took first place in the Video experience, Voice App Experience, Download Speed Experience and Upload Speed Experience categories.

“It also jointly won the three remaining categories, 4G Availability with Rogers, 4G Coverage Experience with Bell and Games Experience where we saw a three-way split,” the report outlines.

In terms of download speeds in particular, Telus achieved a score of 72.8Mbps. Bell came in second with 69.3Mbps and Rogers followed with 59.8Mbps.

“While our Bell users saw their average speeds grow by 1.9Mbps to69.3 Mbps, our Rogers users experienced a boost of 6Mbps with speeds averaging 59.8Mbps. Nonetheless, Telus still has a significant lead (3.4-12.9 Mbps) in Download Speed Experience, but if this trend continues, it could soon be challenged by one of its rivals,” Opensignal outlines.

Telus also beat both Bell and Rogers in a close-run race for Upload Speed Experience, with its users observing an average speed of 11.2Mbps, which is 0.6-0.8Mbps higher than their peers.

Further, the report outlines that Telus topped the Video Experience category with a score of 74.5 points on a 100-point scale. Although the carrier’s score didn’t change from the previous report, Bell and Rogers’ scores declined by 0.9 percent to 72.1 points and 68.5 points, respectively.

“Telus continues to lead in our measure of the quality of experience for over-the-top (OTT) voice services — mobile voice apps such as WhatsApp, Skype and Facebook Messenger,” the report states.

The carrier received a score of 80.3 points in the category. Bell and Rogers followed closely with 79.9 points and 79.8 points, respectively.

Additionally, Opensignal states that in its previous report, “Rogers won our 4G Availability award outright. But this time, Telus has eaten into its lead and forced a statistical tie.”

The report states that this was due to a 0.8 percentage point improvement in Telus’ score, while Rogers’ score decreased slightly by 0.1 percentage points. It’s worth noting that Bell’s score improved by 0.4 percentage points, but remained more than 1.3 percentage points behind the other two.

Opensignal notes that the most competition was seen in the Games Experience category since there wasn’t any statistical difference between all three carriers.

“Telus, Bell and Rogers became the joint winners on this measure and continued to place in the Fair Games Experience category (65-75 points). A Fair rating means most users deemed the experience average; it also indicates that the gameplay experience was generally controllable, with the majority of users noticing a delay between their actions and the outcomes in the game.”

Data for this report was collected between October 1st to December 29th, 2020.