This Lego Sonic Mania set looks way better than nearly every Sonic video game

Hopefully, the set gets a standard release soon


As a renowned Sonic hater, I’m shocked by how excited I am for this Sonic Mania-themed Sonic the Hedgehog Lego set.

The concept design for the inventive set themed around Sonic’s classic Green Hill Zone features Dr. Robotnik (also known as Dr. Eggman) in a Death Egg Robot. The small details like Green Hill’s recognizable loop, well-known enemies and how hilarious Sonic looks as a Lego Mini Figure, all combine to pull the set together in an impressive way.

The set design was submitted to Lego’s Ideas program by Viv Grannell. For the set to be considered for a consumer release, Lego requires 10,000 votes, which it hit rather quickly.

The toy company says that the Sonic set is now in the “product development phase,” so there’s a possibility it could actually get a release in the near future. Of course, this would all hinge on Sega’s willingness to license Lego to make the set. However, given how eager the company is to offer up the blue hedgehog for any money-making opportunity, it’s likely this won’t be a significant barrier.

Lego has a history of releasing video game-themed sets in the past, including a Minecraft line and, more recently, a Super Mario Bros. Lego set series.

Source: Lego Via: The Verge