Apple reportedly looking to create a podcast subscription service

The tech giant is currently in talks with production companies about the potential service


Apple is reportedly thinking about creating a podcast subscription service to compete with the likes of Spotify and SiriusXM.

A new report from The Information reveals that the tech giant is currently in talks with production companies about the service, which would charge people to listen to podcasts. By charging for individual podcasts, Apple could give creators a way to make more money, which may convince them to leave rival services.

The report outlines that it’s worth noting that Apple often explores ideas without seeing them through, so it’s unknown when or if the service could launch.

It does make sense for Apple to consider forming its own premium service, especially since it played a role in popularizing podcasts through the iPod and iTunes. Further, Apple already runs the most widely used podcasting app in the industry, as noted by The Information.

Spotify reportedly also considered creating a separate service for exclusive podcasts. Other podcast services such as Stitcher have locked certain podcasts behind subscriptions. Amazon is also looking to disrupt the podcasting industry with its recent acquisition of the Wondery network.

A Bloomberg report from last year revealed that Apple was interested in buying exclusive rights to podcasts and developing companion podcasts for its Apple TV+ content. This latest report builds on this and shows that Apple is looking to enter the competition.

Source: The Information, Engadget