Sonos begins selling battery kits for the Move speaker

You can get a new battery in white or black

If you purchased a Sonos Move back in 2019 and its battery is starting to fade, you can now buy a replacement directly from Sonos.

Sonos says that the Move’s battery is rated for about three years or 900 charges. Since the speaker has only been out since September of 2019, no one should own a model that’s nearing the end of its lifecycle. That said, some people might have worse luck than the company’s estimate, so it’s nice that the battery upgrade pack is available.

The replacement battery kit is priced at $89and comes with all the hardware you need to remove and replace your existing Sonos Move battery. You can buy this kit in either White or Black to match or add a little flair to your Move.

The only way I could find the battery kit on the Sonos website was by searching for the term ‘Battery.’

Overall, I’ve always been a fan of the Sonos Move’s crazy power and the fact that I can now keep that speaker around for even longer with replacement battery packs, is exciting.

You can find the battery online here, and Sonos’ Canadian site says they’ll begin shipping on January 29th.