TCL plans to go big with 85-inch and 8K TVs in 2021

The company is continuing to sell last year's Series 6 TV, which might be worth watching if the price drops

As CES kicks off, TCL is making its name heard in the TV market with even more advanced mini-LED televisions.

In 2021, TCL looks to be focusing on making larger and more expensive TV sets than it has in the past, but the company will continue selling the highly-rated Series 6 from 2020, so that should help it keep some TVs within the budget range.

Moving on to what’s new for 2021, the biggest change this year is TCL’s new OD Zero mini-LED display panels. These new panels have no gap between the LEDs and the LCD display, which TCL says allows for a thinner design, but it’s still nowhere near what OLEDs are capable of.

This new design is going to be available on the company’s 2021 6 Series TVs. These new models are also 8K, so they can’t be confused with the 2020 4K 6 Series.

For people that aren’t ready for 8K, TCL is also rolling out a new collection of TVs under the ‘XL Collection’ moniker. There are three 85-inch screened monsters in this lineup — a Series 4, an option with QLED tech (mini-LEDs) and finally a top of the line 8K variant.

This line will be interesting to see once it comes out because the 85-inch Series 4 could be a good budget buy for people with large rooms since its $1,599 (roughly $2,000 CAD) price tag is a pretty decent deal. This model is going to launch soon, but TCL has no word on pricing or availability for the other two.

The company’s press release also mentions that its high-end TVs will support 120Hz gaming, Dolby Vision and Dolby Atmos in an effort to deliver a comparable experience to other high-end TVs on the market.

Over the years, TCL has made a name for itself by producing decent TVs for great prices. As the company gets more popular, I’m worried its prices will trend higher as its brand value increases in North America. That said, as TCL’s new TVs come out this year, MobileSyrup will try to review a few sets to see what models stand out.

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