YouTube app on select Android TV boxes gains support for 8K content

The update brings a few other changes, but the listed changelog has been revised

An update is rolling out to the YouTube app on Android TV boxes that brings 8K streaming support for a limited number of users.

Initially spotted by Android Police, YouTube for Android TV version 2.12.08 includes support for 8K content, but it’s limited to those with Android TV boxes running Android 10 and higher. However, 8K content isn’t the only change in the update.

9to5Google notes that there were two changelogs with the update. The first included mention of AV1 HDR content playback, improved network performance and fixes for font issues and a black screen issue. The updated changelog removed some of those, most importantly the AV1 playback support. Instead, it says the app includes ‘Cast Connect‘ support, which allows Android TV apps to handle content streaming when users Cast content to their TV.

Along with that, the updated changelog lists support for a YouTube Music splash screen, specifies 8K support is for Android 10 devices and up, notes that there is an improved resolution selection tool and says the update fixes incorrect date and time issues and various other issues.

While it’s not clear why the changelog was adjusted, one thing that is certain is the new — albeit limited — 8K support. If you’ve got a supported Android TV device, an 8K TV and unlimited internet, 8K support is great news for you.

Source: Android Police Via: 9to5Google