Apple quietly launches new Apple Watch Solo Loop and Sport Bands

The new 'Kumquat' colour is extremely orange

Apple Watch 'Kumquat' Sport Band

Amid the reveal of its new M1-powered Mac computers, Apple also quietly launched several new Apple Watch Solo Loop and Sport Band colours.

The new hues include a very orange ‘Kumquat,’ a blue colour called ‘Northern Blue‘ and a deep purple named ‘Plum.’ These colours are only available for the Apple Watch Solo Loop and Sport Band.

For example, the Apple Watch Braided Solo Loop Band is still only available in the same colours — including ‘Inverness Green,’ ‘Atlantic Blue,’ ‘Pink Punch’ and more — as it was back when it launched alongside the Apple Watch Series 6 and Apple Watch SE.

Apple Watch 'Northern Blue' Sport Band

While the Apple Watch Sport Band features a clasp, the new Solo Loop comes in several different sizes and slides over the wearer’s wrist.

These new Band colours are likely part of Apple’s winter accessory update that also includes the tech giant’s new iPhone 12 MagSafe cases.