Sony shows off 12 minutes of ‘Demon’s Souls’ PlayStation 5 gameplay

This game looks really good

Given it’s one of the few truly next-gen games coming out for the upcoming PlayStation 5, Demon’s Souls is getting a lot of attention. If you’re eager for more information about the game, Sony’s latest PlayStation ‘State of Play’ presentation shines a light on the upcoming remake.

The original Demon’s Souls released in 2009 and kicked off the ultra-difficult ‘Souls’ genre of titles that’s been going strong for years now.

Now in 2020, the game has been fully remade and looks poised to be one of the most appealing next-gen gaming titles announced for Sony’s PlayStation 5 so far.

If you’re excited about the Demon’s Souls, there’s a new 12-minute long deep dive with the game’s creative director Gavin Moore that you can watch below:

Bluepoint’s take on From Software’s PlayStation 3 classic is set to launch on November 12th alongside the PlayStation 5.

Source: PlayStation