Rogers offering $60/20GB plan if you activate a new line

Bell is also offering customers $60/20GB plans when they add a line


Rogers has highlighted a $60/20GB option available for existing customers that add a new line with the carrier.

Listed on Rogers’ promotions page, the deal notes that when you add a line to your Rogers account, you can get a $60 per month plan with 20GB of data after a $15 per month discount. Overall, it’s a pretty solid deal for those looking at add extra lines — Rogers previously offered a $10 ‘Family Discount’ on the second line. With the current Rogers Infinite plans on offer, the lowest is $75/20GB, which would drop to $65 with the discount.

On the flip side, it appears Rogers no longer lists that Family Discount option on its website. For now, that doesn’t matter as this new offer is better, but it will only be available “for a limited time,” and it remains unclear what will happen once the discount goes away.

The $60/20GB plan works like all of Rogers’ Infinite plans. That means the 20GB of data works at Rogers’ typical network speed, but if users go over the 20GB allotment, Rogers throttles their speed to a maximum of 512Kbps download and upload. Along with that, Infinite plans include unlimited Canada-wide calling, unlimited text, picture and video messaging, voicemail, call and name display, call waiting forwarding and group calling and more.

It’s worth noting that Bell offers a similar $60/20GB option for people who add a line. At the time of writing, Telus only had its typical ‘Family Discount‘ available, which gives people $5 off per line for two people, $10 per line for three and $15 off per line for four or more.

Those interested can learn more about the Rogers $60/20GB offer on the carrier’s website.