OnePlus teases long-rumoured smartwatch coming in a ‘matter of time’

Despite the teaser, there's still no clear date when the watch will arrive

Rumours have swirled for a while now about OnePlus launching a smartwatch.

Many expected the China-based company to unveil that watch alongside its new 8T smartphone, but unfortunately, that didn’t happen. According to the OnePlus India Twitter account, however, the watch is still coming.

“More things are coming to the OnePlus ecosystem. It’s just a matter of time 🧐” the account tweeted. It also shared a picture with a sketch of a round-faced smartwatch that looks able to detach from the wrist strap. Below the sketch, the image reads “‘What could have been but never will be. Sketches circa 2015.’ June 29, 2016.”

It’s not immediately clear what the text means regarding the sketch. However, past leaks indicated the OnePlus smartwatch would sport a circular face, so it’s possible the sketch is teasing that. The image could mean that OnePlus began working on the watch in 2015.

Although the tease is more or less confirmation the company is working on a smartwatch, it remains unclear when OnePlus will unveil it. With the OnePlus 8T launch out of the way, we could see another event from the company ahead of the holiday season (although that seems unlikely), or OnePlus could launch the watch alongside the OnePlus 9 next year. If that latter is true, it could be a long wait before the smartwatch arrives.

Twitter leaker Max J. (@MaxJmb) also shared some information about the watch, noting that OnePlus never planned to announced it at the OnePlus 8T event. Instead, Max J. claims OnePlus wanted to tease the smartwatch.

Unfortunately, Max J. didn’t provide any other information other than asking people to “stay tuned” for more details on the watch.

So far, all we really know about the OnePlus smartwatch is that it will have a round body, circular display and most likely run Wear OS, perhaps with an Oxygen OS-like twist.

Source: OnePlus India, Max J. Via: Android Headlines