Google is bringing a huge update to Wear OS this fall

Wear OS isn't dead yet

Google has revealed its plans for a Wear OS over-the-air (OTA) update coming in the fall that’ll improve performance and add a new weather app.

The OTA update will make it faster to access user info and start apps. Further, Google is simplifying the pairing process, as well as bringing improvements to ‘SysUI’ for more intuitive controls for managing different watch modes and workouts. Moreover, with CPU core improvements, there’s a 20 percent speed improvement in startup time for apps.

Additionally, there will be advancements in technology to bring new functionality such as LTE and expand levels of performance with new Qualcomm Snapdragon Wear 4100 and 4100+ platforms.

One of the new features with Wear OS is a handwashing timer to help ensure users practice good hygiene due to COVID-19.

Later this year there’ll be a new weather experience for Wear OS by Google. With the update, there’ll be a new ‘Read-while-you-go’ screen with an hourly breakdown of the weather to help users plan and get information about weather alerts.

Google has also brought more OEMs to the table with Oppo, Suunto and Xiaomi creating new smartwatches. Lastly, Google is working to bring the best of Android 11 to wearables.

Source: Android Developers 


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