Instagram rolls out new audio features for Reels

The features are quite similar to TikTok's audio functionalities

Facebook-owned Instagram is rolling out three new audio features for Reels that are pretty similar to TikTok.

The most significant new feature is an audio browser that showcases trending songs and personalized recommendations. The second new feature lets users save audio for later use, while another new feature lets you share audio pages in direct messages.

These new features appear to be further attempts to mimic TikTok’s main attractions. For instance, Reels’ audio features haven’t been as smooth as TikTok’s, which lets users take sounds from other videos and make create their own take.

Although Reels already lets users do this, there wasn’t a way to keep track of sounds in the app. One of TikTok’s most popular features is the fact that you can click on a sound and see all of the top videos with that sound. It’s one of the ways that trends are started and followed on the app.

Source: Instagram