No Frills brings back 8-bit ‘Aisles of Glory’ game to earn PC Optimum points

2020's Game of the Year is here

Aisles of Glory

No Frills has launched a slightly tweaked version of its free Haulers web game from last year that offers PC Optimum points for playing.

Titled “Aisles of Glory — Return of the Hauler,” the game once again lets you choose a ‘hauler’ to run through 8-bit No Frills stores to grab groceries. This time around, your hauler has a mask, as per COVID-19 laws. All the while you’ll have to avoid items that No Frills doesn’t sell (such as diamonds, a speedboat and limousine).

The higher your score, the more PC Optimum points you get. Here’s the breakdown:

  • 500 points for playing the game
  • 750 points for getting a score of 15,000 or higher
  • 1,000 points for getting a score of 5o,000 or higher

You can play as many times as you want, but you’ll only receive points once per day. The full game rules can be found here.

Aisles of Glory can be played here on mobile, desktop or tablet.