Codecademy expands online coding education for students

The new membership offers step-by-step guidance on career and skill paths

Codecademy is launching a new initiative to expand online coding education for college amid the COVID-19 pandemic.

The company has created a new Pro Student membership that includes complete access to Codecamemy’s catalogue for a more affordable price.

Codeacademy says the membership will give students step-by-step guidance on career and skill paths, proof of progress, better knowledge retention and real-world experience.

“Since the pandemic, Codecademy has been committed to supporting learners and making online education opportunities more accessible, especially for those affected by school closures,” said Codecademy CEO Zach Sims, in a press release.

Codecademy Pro Student membership is available to eligible college students for $149.99 USD (approximately $195 CAD) annually.

Source: Codecademy