Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 2 video puts the foldable phone beside its predecessor

The video isn't in English or French

A review of the Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 2 has leaked ahead of the smartphone’s official reveal.

Back in early August, Samsung unveiled the Z Fold 2 and gave us a bit of a taste of what’s to come, but said it would officially show off the device on September 1st.

Now, we’re seeing the device in all it’s glory in a Chinese video.

The video showcases the phone’s Flex Mode and how the device can be held at a variety of different positions. This feature is great for consuming multimedia.


Additionally, the handset can take selfies with a trio of main cameras by using the cover display as a viewfinder, which is something a selfie king like me can get behind. The video also shows the device’s new ‘Multi-Active Window’ and the overall user interface, which seems more responsive to Flex Mode.

Lastly, the video highlights just how much Samsung has improved the design of the Z Fold 2 when the device is held beside its predecessor.

Image credit: 灵感研究所

Source: SamMobile, 灵感研究所


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