LastPass adding dark web monitoring to its Premium subscription

The feature watches email address for data breaches and alerts users when they need to change a password

LastPass on Android

LastPass is taking a page from Dashlane with its revamped Security Dashboard feature, which includes dark web monitoring.

LastPass says its dark web monitoring will be available to Premium, Family and Business customers. According to a press release from LastPass, the feature will proactively watch for “breach activity” and alert users when they need to take action.

In other words, dark web monitoring checks email addresses and usernames against a third-party database of breached credentials. If LastPass finds any matches, it will notify users by email as well as with a message in the Security Dashboard.

Along with that, LastPass’ revamped Security Dashboard now gives all LastPass users, regardless of tier, a “full picture of their online security.” The dashboard still displays weak and reused passwords, making it easy to find and fix potential weak spots in your online security.

Although the new dark web monitoring is certainly a welcome feature, LastPass isn’t the only one to do it. Dashlane offers built-in dark web monitoring, as do other services, such as Firefox Monitor. Many of these rely on the site ‘Have I been Pwned?‘ for breach data.

All that is to say that dark web monitoring isn’t the biggest addition to LastPass. If you’re on the free tier, you can easily use Firefox Monitor or Have I Been Pwned directly to keep an eye on account breaches. However, those that pay for LastPass should use its dark web monitoring as it’s more convenient, but in and of itself probably isn’t worth going premium for.

You can learn more about LastPass on its website.