Several Pixel Buds owners reporting Bluetooth connection issues

It's not clear what's behind the issues, but several threads have popped up across Google forums and Reddit about the problem

Although Google’s new Pixel Buds have yet to arrive in Canada, some people are waiting anxiously for them. However, you may want to hold off when they do arrive; it appears that some users have issues with the true wireless earbuds.

Several Google support forums and Reddit threads have cropped up detailing a variety of connection issues. Further, some U.S. publications, including The VergeDroidLife and 9to5Google were able to replicate the issues.

The Verge reports that the connection issues seem like typical Bluetooth issues. For example, it’s review pair would drop connection from both earbuds simultaneously. DroidLife, however, saw the earbuds’ connection drop if the user cupped a hand over their ear. Otherwise, the earbuds worked fine.

At the moment, it remains unclear what, exactly, is causing the issue. It seems to affect both Google’s Pixel phones and Samsung phones the most, which suggests the problem isn’t related to phones. For that matter, I’ve used other true wireless earbuds — including the new Surface Earbuds — without issue on the Pixel 4.

The Verge notes a recent firmware update pushed to the Pixel Buds doesn’t appear to have fixed the problem. However, it’s worth giving it a try if you have some issues — make sure you update to version 295.

On top of all this, a Reddit user says that Google sent them replacement Pixel Buds because of the issue, but the replacements also suffered the same problem.

Despite how widespread the Pixel Bud connection issues seem to be, the problems aren’t universal. Android Police and Android Authority report their Buds haven’t had issues.

While true wireless earbuds often have connection issues, especially in busy environments, it seems the Pixel Buds fare worse than others. Hopefully, Google can get the problem figured out before the Buds come to Canada.

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