Facebook finally rolling out redesigned desktop platform to all users

If you don't see it yet you should in the next few weeks

Facebook has finally announced that over the next few weeks the redesigned desktop platform it showed off at the end of April in 2019 will come to all users.

Over the past year, the new design has been used by Facebook employees, beta testers, and finally, a small number of Facebook users worldwide. After that, it became an opt-in experience, but now it’s automatically coming to everyone. Initially, Facebook said it would roll out the redesign over a few months.

The new design brings a more modern look to the social network and helps it regain some design continuity with the mobile app. The company has also done away with its bold blue navigation bar and replaced it with one that’s either white or black, depending on your preference.

Overall, most UI features are more or less in the same spot as before, but now they look a cleaner. One notable difference is that Facebook now has better scaling, so if you’re resizing windows a lot, the platform should respond naturally.

When Facebook announced the redesign, it also said it planned to focus on making the experience faster. Sadly I don’t have the redesign yet, but if this update is anything like the new messenger app for Windows and Mac, I’ll be satisfied.

Source: The Verge