Facebook announces visual refresh for desktop site at F8

The new design is all about making things faster and simpler

Facebook announced a visual refresh coming to its social network dubbed ‘Facebook 5’ (FB5).

Unveiled at the company’s F8 conference, the new design brings the website and mobile apps in line with the company’s Messenger app, which was updated earlier this year.

Facebook says the redesign will make things simpler and faster. Like Messenger, this means more white space, a simpler visual look, and fewer tabs.

FB5 will roll out to users in the next few months.

On top of that, the redesign puts communities and groups at the centre. One of the goals of the new look was making it easier for users to go from public spaces to private ones.

Groups specifically gets some love, with a redesigned Groups tab that will make discovery easier. There’s a new discovery tool, as well as improvements to the recommendation engine.

Finally, Facebook announced improvements to communities, like tailored features for different groups. For example, a health group could let users post questions and share information without their names attached, while job groups will get templates for employers to post openings.