Bell offering $75/20GB, $85/20GB and $105/20GB promo plans

The $105 plan includes unlimited Canada and U.S. calling


Bell’s $75/20GB promotional plan is back once again, this time with $85/20GB and $105/20GB options as well.

It’s not clear how long the deals will be around — if past versions are anything to go by, likely just for the weekend. However, both options are available from Bell’s website now.

The $75/20GB option is, in my opinion, the better of the two deals. It includes 20GB of non-shareable high-speed data followed by unlimited usage at a throttled speed of up to 512Kbps after you’ve used up the data allotment. The plan includes unlimited Canada-wide calling as well as unlimited Canada-wide text, video and picture messaging.

The $85 plan, on the other hand, is part of Bell’s ‘Connect Everything’ lineup. Those plans include shareable data instead of unlimited data, which means you’ll have to pay hefty overages if you go over the 20GB allotment. That said, if you’re looking to add multiple lines on one account, this plan will let you pool your data allotment, so two lines would get 40GB of data.

Likewise, the $85/20GB plan includes unlimited Canada-wide calling and text, picture and video messaging.

Finally, the $105/20GB option is great if you travel a lot — although not many of us are travelling at the moment. It includes 20GB of shareable data with overages if you use up all your data. However, it includes unlimited Canada and U.S. calling along with unlimited Canada-wide text, picture and video messaging.

Typically these plans would only come with 10GB of data, so no matter which way you go, you’re getting double the data. It’s a pretty solid deal no matter which you pick, but the $75/20GB definitely is the most bang for your buck.

You can check out the three promotional offers on Bell’s website.