Facebook’s new design is appearing for more users, including Canadians

It's not clear if this is part of Facebook's test, or part of the spring rollout the company previously planned

Facebook app on Android

Facebook’s new look is starting to arrive for more people, including some users in Canada.

First detailed at Facebook F8 last year, the new design sports a cleaner, fresher look. The refresh already came to both the Facebook mobile app and Messenger app (although Messenger received another redesign afterwards). Additionally, the new look sports features like dark mode.

The new, more modern interface first started coming to desktops in January 2020. Facebook said the “New Facebook” would only reach a small percentage of users as part of a test ahead of a wider rollout in the spring. At the time, it wasn’t clear where Facebook was testing the new look.

New Facebook pop-up

However, some members of the MobileSyrup team have received the new look, indicating Canada is part of the test. Either that or the spring rollout is upon us.

If the redesign is available to you, Facebook will notify you next time you open the desktop interface. A panel towards the top of the site will ask if you want to try the new look. When you accept, the desktop site will reload with the new interface. A pop-up welcome panel notes that Facebook is “still working on making this experience better” and that it would like to hear user feedback.

Facebook redesign

Additionally, the pop-up highlights some of the new features, such as the dark mode. It also says that the new look has faster load times (thank goodness) and the new layout makes it easier to find things.

Overall, the new look is a welcome change. Facebook on desktop looked dated and was incredibly slow before. The new change feels much faster and the layout makes it easier to find what you’re looking for. However, if you don’t like it, there’s an option to go back to ‘Classic Facebook.’

Facebook light mode and dark mode

Let us know down below if you have the new look as well, and what you think of the updated interface.