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Hydro Ottawa issues warning about scams and fake telephone numbers

The company is urging customers who are receiving these types of calls to hang up immediately

Hydro Ottawa says that customers are reporting that they are receiving calls threatening disconnection unless an immediate payment is made.

The company is urging anyone who receives this type of call to hang up immediately and to contact it directly at 613-738-6400. It notes that all other phone numbers provided are fake and not affiliated with Hydro Ottawa.

Hydro Ottawa is urging its customers to never make a payment for a charge that isn’t listed on their most recent bill. Customers should also ignore text messages or emails with suspicious links that promise refunds.

Further, Hydro Ottawa says customers should never provide any personal information or details, and should always report fraud using the Canadian Anti-Fraud Centre online form.

As part of its response to COVID-19, Hydro Ottawa has extended its ban on electricity disconnections for all customers until July 31st. It is also offering flexible payment options and financial assistance programs.

Source: Hydro Ottawa