Spotify podcast breaks down the decade’s musical trends

The decade begins with Nicki Minaj, but where will it end?

Spotify has a new podcast that uses its music data to chronicle some of the biggest music moments of the past ten years.

The new podcast is called ‘The Decade Wrapped‘ that piggybacks off of its ‘Wrapped’ year/decade in review personalized playlists. 

The Swedish music streaming giant has been pushing its way into podcasts lately, so using its Wrapped data to talk about some of music’s biggest moments makes a lot of sense.

There are three episodes out so far. The first focuses on Nicki Minaj in 2010 and her rise to rap’s inner circle with an infectious blend of pop and hip hop helped shape music for years to come.

Episode two looks at 2011 and talks about online fandom while using One Direction as the lens to do so. The third episode that’s out right now takes place in 2012 and catalogues the viral sensation that was Gangnam Style.

Those are the only three episodes that are out right now, but more will come to round up from 2013 to now. The show’s synopsis mentions Drake, Beyonce, the Harlem Shake and Despactio.

You can check out the podcast on Spotify.