Google Shopping microsite offers up gift inspiration based on search trends

Shopping 100 is based on U.S. trends and shows some products not available in Canada, but it can still offer some inspiration

Google Shopping 100 site

If you’re struggling to come up with last-minute gift ideas, Google may be able to help out.

The search giant just launched a Google Shopping microsite that offers gift suggestions based on trending searches. ‘Google Shopping 100‘ offers up eight product categories with 10 or more products ranked by search popularity. Users can simply pick a category, see some of the top items and pick one to see details about where to buy it.

Granted, the system works through Google Shopping, which isn’t really available in Canada — although that may change soon, considering Google recently registered a ‘Shopping’ trademark. This means the products on display are based on U.S. searches. Further, some of the trending items aren’t available in Canada and when you click on some products, you’ll get U.S. results on the Shopping page.

However, some things do work. Click on the Google Home Mini did offer links to the Canadian Google Store and pricing was correct based on my location.

Regardless, Shopping 100 is a useful tool for last-minute gift inspiration. While Canadians may have to look elsewhere to find the listed products, at least the microsite can put users on the right path.

You can learn more about Shopping 100 here.

Source: Google Via: Engadget