Waze users can now report when a road hasn’t been snowplowed

Waze is ready for winter

Waze is updating its app around the world so users can report when a road hasn’t been snowplowed.

To make winter driving a little safer, Waze is adding more functionality to its app to keep drivers better informed of snow-covered roads.

Once a user reports that a road hasn’t been plowed, other drivers will be notified if their route takes them down that specific street.

As winter begins to grip Canada, this feature could be handy if it ends up being accurate.

MobileSyrup has reached out to Waze for more information about the functionality, including if users will be able to report when an unplowed road has been plowed.

Waze is available for free on iOS and Android

Update 11/12/2019: Waze has confirmed that it will automatically remove the unplowed road warning if it hasn’t received a thumbs up in a while. Sometimes the app will also ask users if the hazard is still on the road as well.