You can now send emails as attachments in Gmail

The feature is rolling out gradually

Gmail for Android

Google is bringing an update to Gmail that lets users attach an email to another without downloading them first.

Google says that sometimes it makes more sense to attach an email instead of merely forwarding separate emails. The new feature will let you attach multiple forwards related to a single topic with one single step.

Additionally, “sending emails as attachments allows you to write a summary email message to your recipients, and attach the set of supporting emails that recipients can directly open in their mail client,” according to Google, which is another reason why a user would want to do this.

Users will be able to do attach an email to another by dragging and dropping an email into the draft window. Also, users will be able to select emails they want to send and then from the three-dot menu select ‘Forward as attachment.’

The attached emails will open as a new tab, and they will save as an .eml file. Users can also attach as many emails as they’d like.

This feature will be on by default and is rolling out gradually over the next couple of weeks to all G Suite editions.

Users will know that the feature is available when they see the ‘Forward as attachment’ option in the three-dot More menu.

Source: Google Blog