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Intel releases patch for vulnerabilities it previously claimed had been fixed

Researchers say this second patch still does not fix all of the issues


Intel has issued a fix for a security flaw that it claimed it had already repaired six months ago, as reported by The New York Times. 

When Intel released a patch for a number of security vulnerabilities last year in May, it implied that all of the problems had been solved. However, security researchers are saying that this is not the case.

The chipmaker faced several issues last year when a bug was found in the company’s computer processors.

Researchers at Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam were the ones to discover the vulnerability last year. They now say that the software patch that was designed to fix the problem had only fixed some of the issues that they disclosed.

The researchers say that it would be another six months before Intel issued a second patch that it claims would actually address all of the vulnerabilities. However, this second patch still does not fix all of the issues, according to the researchers.

The vulnerabilities that were disclosed last year allowed a hacker to get passwords and other sensitive data from processor in computers and servers.

Source: The New York Times, Intel