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Data suggests Apple TV+ content had modest demand following launch

The data indicts that 'The Morning Show’ had the least demand out of all the content

Apple TV+

Interest in Apple’s original content on its streaming service is predicted to be far behind Netflix’s shows, according to a report from Parrot Analytics.

The global analytics firm examined the 24-hour period after the launch on November 1st, and concluded that the demand for the premiere content was “modest.” The analysis compared demand levels of different streaming platforms 24 hours after they launched.

See was the only Apple TV+ show that was able to make it into a list of the Top 20 most demanded shows on streaming platforms. Interestingly, The Morning Show had the least demand of all of the Apple TV+ titles.

This isn’t that surprising considering that Apple TV+ launched with a small library of content when compared to other streaming platforms. However, the reviews for the new shows probably didn’t help when garnering interest.

It should be noted that the report is mainly based on social media interactions, and may not represent the full scope of interest regarding the content.

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Source: Variety