Tile’s Google Assistant integration goes live, control trackers with voice

Lost your wallet? Just ask Google to ring the Tile tracker you put in it.

New Tile Slim

On the heels of releasing several new Bluetooth tracking devices, Tile is making good on its previous announcement to integrate its products with Google Assistant.

The functionality is now live for all Tile owners. To use it, however, you’ll need to do a bit of set up.

First, head to your Assistant app, then go to the ‘Explore’ page (tap the little compass in the bottom right corner on Android, or bottom left on iOS). Then tap on your account icon in the top right corner. On Android, you’ll also have to tap ‘Settings’ in a pop-up menu, while iOS just takes you straight to Settings.

Once there, tap the ‘Assistant’ section on Android, or ‘Devices’ section on iOS. Then tap ‘Add a device’ or ‘Add…’ depending on where it shows up (bottom of the screen for Android, or top of the screen on iOS). Finally, select the ‘Link a device’ option. From this screen, you can search for Tile, tap it and follow the steps to sign in to your account and link it to Google Assistant.

When you finish, Google will import all your trackers. You can assign them to a room if you want (an odd option for an item that will likely be on the move).

Once the set up is complete, you should be able to interact with your Tile trackers through Google Assistant, either on your phone or through Assistant-powered smart speakers.

For example, you can say “Hey Google, ring my wallet” or “where are my keys” to have Assistant help locate your missing items.

Currently, Tile, as well as another tracker company Chipolo, are the only ones that offer Assistant integration for their products.

For help with Tile and Assistant integration, check out these support pages: Google Support, Tile Support and Assistant’s Tile action.

Source: Android Police