Amazon backs Microsoft and Facebook in fight against deepfakes

Amazon has joined a number of other companies that are finding new ways to better detect deepfakes

Amazon has joined Facebook and Microsoft in the fight against deepfakes after announcing that it is now a part of the DeepFake Detection challenge (DFDC).

The DFDC is a contest started by Facebook for different companies and developers to create accurate tools to detect deepfake content. The challenge is meant to develop ways to better identify doctored content.

As a refresher, a deepfake video presents an image generated using artificial intelligence depicting a real person either doing or saying something fake.

Amazon has announced that it will contribute $1 million USD (approximately $1.3 million CAD) towards researchers. The company has said it will also work with other DFDC partners to look at datasets for deepfake detection.

The DeepFake Detection challenge launched in September and is supported by a number of universities, including MIT. Findings from the DFDC will be released in December.

A number of different tech giants are looking to aid in the fight against deepfakes. Google recently released a dataset of deepfake videos so that researchers could examine them to develop new ways to detect fake content.

Source: Amazon Via: The New Web