Learn how to become a Google Cloud Architect with this $52 8-course bundle

Modern companies demand stronger, larger, and more secure infrastructures each year. That’s why so many are turning to cloud computing services to meet their needs. The demand for cloud computing architects has skyrocketed as a result, and IT professionals with cloud experience are paid quite well. If you’re interested in a career in cloud computing, this $51.80 bundle has everything you need to know. 

The Complete Google Cloud Mastery Bundle features 8 courses on the Google Cloud Platform, one of the most popular cloud computing services on the market. The bundle features entry-level courses such as the Google Cloud Platform Associate Cloud Engineer Bootcamp, which will teach you how to configure, deploy, and operate a cloud solution. Once you’re comfortable with Google Cloud, you can specialize in areas such as security, DevOps, and data storage, all of which are covered in this bundle. 

Every company will turn to cloud sooner or later, so now’s the perfect time to learn how to become a cloud architect. The Complete Google Cloud Mastery Bundle offers everything you need to get you there for $51.80 CAD [$39 USD], or 97% off.

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The Complete Google Cloud Mastery Bundle – $39

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