Winnipeg Football Club improves stadium catering through tech

Winnipeg Football Club has partnered with Givex to offer football fans convenient ways to purchase food and drinks at IG Stadium.

As the CFL season is approaching, the football team wants to make sure its fans can enjoy the game without leaving the seat for pizza and hot dogs.

Givex has deployed 166 POS (Point of sale) stations across the stadium’s concession, corporate suites and VIP lounges. The integration of this cloud-based platform allows the stadium staff to efficiently service the venue’s 33,000 guests during game days and special events.

Additionally, Givex has implemented 27 hand-held tablets to improve the stadium catering experience for the audience.

“We’re always looking for ways to improve the fan experience at our games,” said Wade Miller, president and CEO of the Winnipeg Football Club. “By introducing these technologies into the stadium, we’ve been able to process orders faster at concessions along with being able to provide pre-loaded ticket offers for our fans.

This partnership also allowed Givex to integrate their loaded ticket technology, known as Uptix, to the football fans in Winnipeg. The Football Club will include catering credits to certain ticket packages that allow audiences to pay with their ticket at concession stands.

These newly implemented technologies will be rolled out in time for 2019 season of the Winnipeg Football Club.