Tesla is raising the costs of the Model S, X and Full Self-Driving package

Some higher end trims have went down in cost as well

Tesla is boosting the prices on a few of its major items, including the Model S and the Model X.

First off, the EV dealer has dropped the ‘Standard Range’ Trims for its two high-end cars and now only offers the ‘Long Range’ and ‘Performance’ models.

To help soften the blow, the EV company has lowered the price of the Long Range, but raised the Performance models slightly.

The Model S is now priced at:

  • Long Range  — $108,990 — (old price, $116,190)
  • Performance  — $134,990 — (old price, $130,990)

The Model X costs as follows:

  • Long Range  — $115,990 — (old price $124,190)
  • Performance  — $141,990 — (old price $138,990)

TechCrunch is reporting that the Model 3 Long Range’s price has been reduced as well. The Model 3 currently costs:

  • Standard Range Plus  — $54,990
  • Long Range — $65,990
  • Performance —  $74,990

Tesla still sells the Model 3 Standard Range Trim, but you can only buy it from a physical dealer, not online. It’s priced at $44,999, so it and the Standard Range Plus are eligible for the Federal Government’s $5,000 rebate. 

Elon Musk also mentioned on Twitter that the rate of the Full Self-Driving add-on is going up by $1,000. The current price of Full Self-Driving is currently priced at $7,900 as of July 16th, 2019.

Musk says that this increase will coincide with the release of the Enhanced Summon Feature for Full Self-Driving equipped cars.

Source: Tesla, Elon Musk