Apple may move Mac Pro Production to China: report

A report from the Wall Street Journal suggests that Apple plans to move the 2019 Mac Pro production to China.

More specifically, the Cupertino-based giant reportedly tapped Quanta Computer Inc, a manufacturer founded in Taiwan, to handle the 2019 Mac Pro assembly duty in a factory near Shanghai. Quanta also makes Apple Watches and MacBook Pros.

WSJ reports that moving Mac Pro production to Shanghai would reduce manufacturing shipping costs because the Chinese megacity is closer to other Asian suppliers contracted by Apple.

Apple is eager to point out to WSJ that the 2019 Mac Pro still has traces of involvement from the United States, such as the overall design process and certain US-supplied parts.

If correct, the latest decision would mark a detour from Apple’s earlier commitment to bring some Mac production back to the U.S.

Back in 2012, the company promised it would invest over $100 million dollars in U.S. manufacturing. In 2013, the contract manufacturer started to assemble the last generation 2013 Mac Pros in Austin, Texas.

Nevertheless, Apple might dwindle its manufacturing footprint in China by up to 30 percent to circumvent the escalating trade war between Beijing and Washington D.C.

Announced at WWDC 2019, the 2019 Mac Pro, starting at $5,999 USD, is Apple’s long-overdue refresh of its workstation lineup aimed at professional clients.

Source: Wall Street Journal