Samsung plans to release a 6.7-inch foldable clamshell phone: report

The Fold has yet to make its way to market but that's not stopping Samsung from doubling down on foldables

Galaxy Fold

Samsung plans to release a clamshell foldable display smartphone sometime next year, according to South Korea’s Electronic Times.

The new device will reportedly feature a 6.7-inch display that folds horizontally.

ET writes that Samsung will start manufacturing the new smartphone in November, with a tentative release date planned for either later this year or the start of next.

Additionally, Samsung plans to release the phone as part of a new product lineup separate from the Galaxy Fold, which has yet to make its way to market due to pre-launch durability issues.

Instead of offering a device that can double as a tablet, Samsung’s new foldable will prioritize portability.

At least that’s the idea. As you can see from the GIF concept artist Ben Geskin shared, a foldable clamshell smartphone isn’t much more portable than current slate devices; if anything, the clamshell design leads to a chubbier handset. Granted, what we’re looking at in that GIF is a pre-production prototype, though the Fold is also a hefty device when folded.

Speaking of the Fold, a Samsung Display executive recently said the device is “ready to hit the market.”

What do you think of a clamshell foldable? Any interest?

Source: Electronic Times (Korean) Via: Ben Geskin