Here are the top five announcements from WWDC 2019

Overall, it was a pretty cool WWDC with a lot to unpack

Apple’s WWDC 2019 keynote has ended, and the company unpacked a lot of exciting features, devices and more.

While most of the conference was focused on iOS, watchOS, tvOS, macOS and the newly revealed iPadOS, the tech giant did take some time to show off its new pro-level Mac and display.

Below we’ve rounded up our favourite announcements and highlights from the show:


Apple’s latest addition to its operating system family is iPadOS, a new take on iOS that’s full of iPad-specific features.

At first glance, you’ll likely notice the tighter grid of apps and widget support on the home screen. These are the most visual changes coming to the iPad OS.

The remainder of the update focuses on smaller improvements that make it easier to use the iPad more like a Mac or PC.

This includes better multitasking, the ability to use two versions of the same app at the same time, a more powerful files app that can read thumb drives and more.

You can find out all about the new features coming to iPadOS by reading our full announcement post here. 

R.I.P. iTunes

I know I might be in the minority in lamenting the death of Apple’s iTunes app on Mac and Windows, but I’ve spent a lot of time ripping, downloading and organizing music in that fantastic app over the years.

Apple has announced that when macOS Catalina arrives in the fall, it will ship with three apps to replace iTunes: Music, Podcasts and Apple TV.

It’s likely that all of the music formatting aspects of iTunes are going to be in the Music app, so technically I shouldn’t weep too hard. That said, I’ll still pour one out when I get home later for the 18-year-old music app.

To read more about the gone-too-soon music and more app, check out our post here. 

macOS Catalina

Apple showed some love to its desktop operating system on stage today by announcing a new version of macOS 10 called Catalina.

Some highlights in the OS include the ability to use an iPad as a secondary display, an impressive update to ‘Find My Mac’ and new voice control features.

Another highlight is that users can now adjust their screen time usage just like with iOS.

Read all about the upcoming Mac updates here. 

A new Mac Pro and display

Is it a space heater? Is it a cheese grater? No, it’s Apples new ultra-powerful Mac Pro.

Apple finally revealed its modular, powerful Mac Pro that can be expanded through built-in PCI Express slots similar to a standard Windows desktop.

Beyond this, Apple has even added in something called ‘Afterburner’ that allows video editors to edit native files right on their timeline as opposed to lower quality proxies.

To match the powerhouse computer, Apple is releasing a new 32-inch Pro Display XDR that features an ultra-wide HDR colour gamut and a cool backlighting system that is cooled via vents on its rear.

Check out the new hardware here. 

Native apps on watchOS

Apple is finally separating Apple Watch and iOS in watchOS 6.

When the new version of watchOS drops in the fall, users will be able to download apps from the new Apple Watch App Store instead of having to download them through the Apple Watch’s iOS app.

The company has also made it possible for users to download and search for apps directly on the Apple Watch using Siri.

There are more new Apple Watch features including new Health-focused functionality and Watch Faces.

What about iOS 13?

Since there are so many new features with iOS 13, we decided to break that down into a top five post of its own.

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